Strangeworks makes quantum computing accessible via software designed for developers, system managers, and CIOs. Here’s how.
You’ve probably heard by now that quantum has potential.

Lately, discussing it is a bit like checking the weather forecast - on the horizon, just not quite here yet. Some say it might save the world. Or, alternatively, it could destroy all modern hopes of encryption - among other things - in an instant. But that’s what makes it so exciting to talk about, right? Imminent doom , ultimate power, and gratuitous lens flares? Will the world really change, with forces joined?

Probably not. Quantum will can’t solve everything.

Look, we’re not idealists. We’re pragmatic . And in an industry built on theory, we know that’s ambitious. But we think it’s worth it. Calling bullshit is a labor of love, after all.


We’re not here to disrupt, or to innovate, or to tango with empty buzzwords and out-of-touch promises. Instead, we chose to draft an idea that would make people wonder. An idea to enchant the world with quantum, rather than one that would prescribe its fate. We’re after testing the limits of all possibilities, and we want to take you with us.

We design and deliver tools for software developers and systems management for IT Administrators and CIOs. We do it to place the power of quantum in the hands of the people who can make shit happen . And we’re well aware it could get pretty weird along the way.

Quantum isn’t

the final frontier.
It might be only

the beginning.

But exploring strange new worlds is worth the challenge, and we’re counting on the strangest of outcomes.

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