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I’m truly excited today to bring you this interview. When I first read about Volkswagen and D-Wave teaming up on traffic optimization, I wanted to get to the team to learn more about exactly what they were up to. Traffic optimization is exciting, to be sure. But high-performance batteries for electric vehicles? Vehicles with artificial intelligence? That’s some hot stuff, right? So I wanted to get this talented team to answer some questions, and boy did they deliver.

I’m psyched this week to share my interview with Dr. Brian La Cour, Director of the Center for Quantum Research at Applied Research Laboratories. His current research interests are quantum computing, contextuality, and quantum foundations. He’s already published several papers this year, including “Using Quantum Emulation for Advanced Computation,” which was one of the main reasons I wanted to talk to him.

Aside from being an avid underwater photographer, Helmut Katzgraber is a professor in Texas A&M University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and a consultant for 1QBit Information Technologies (research lead) and Microsoft Research. I had the pleasure of interviewing him last week, and was excited to ask him about his research.

In a first, whurley sits down for a double interview with Jerry Chow and Jay Gambetta where they cover QISkit, Artificial Intelligence, IBM’s 50-Qubit accomplishment, and the myths and misconceptions about quantum computing.

If you’ve never heard of Hidetoshi Nishimori, then you might as well have never heard of quantum computing. His 1998 theory of quantum annealing paved the way for much of the progress in the field to date.

Robert “Bo” Ewald leads D-Wave’s international business as President and has a long history leading technology organizations, government projects, and industry efforts. He’s super impressive and a nice guy, which makes him a perfect person to ask about quantum computing.

I was recently interviewed by SXSW Chief Programming Officer, Hugh Forrest. I’d like to share that interview with you today. It seems Hugh tries to write at least four paragraphs per day on Medium. So I was happy to help with this interview/post. I think you’ll find it insightful.