building a
quantum future
Keep quantum

Strange shouldn’t be scary. It’s our goal to discuss quantum in a way that is straightforward and welcoming - never threatening or confusing. Instead of building hurdles made of proofs and formulas, shoot straight and aim for clarity. We believe that the best way to accelerate a quantum future is to humanize it.

Hype sinks,
pragmatism swims.

Lofty goals and bold statements can be motivational, but meaningful results are what change the world. We focus on the latter. Quantum computing has traditionally generated headlines and conversations colored with awe and wonder, but few are willing to take the leap to bring it into the world in a way that’s functional and sustainable. Being pragmatic means being willing and able to separate truth from excitement, and despite the mysterious nature of the new frontier before us, we’ve made it our mission to take the world’s view on quantum from possible to probable to standard.

This can’t be done

We don’t believe isolation is a recipe for world-changing progress. We aim to form meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with other companies and organizations in the industry. We envision an open approach toward quantum and welcome working with others, because we know no one group has the keys to the kingdom.

Diversity is fundamental
to our success.

When building a team, we value unique perspectives that will usher in a larger range of possible outcomes. We believe that problems assessed from as many angles as possible offers a better understanding of any situation. We work together as a collective of individuals defined not by one single dimension, but instead by all aspects of who we are through identity and experience. For these reasons, we stand by our responsibility and privilege to develop diverse teams in which all members are empowered to generate meaningful breakthroughs and insights through collaboration paired with their own expertise.

We aren’t a team of ultimate problem - solvers
-but you are.

Our model does not boast the power of Strangeworks - it champions the power of quantum. We could offer consulting services and solve the world’s problems. But no one knows the ins and outs of a problem quite like those who are already in the thick of it - and it’s not our job to pretend we know any better. (Besides, the world has too many problems for anyone to tackle alone.) We believe that we can accelerate the quantum computing industry and its world-changing outcomes by empowering teams who sought out solutions before we showed up. And whether we speak with developers, scientists, or technologists at large, we intend to illuminate a path forward with quantum that delights and empowers veteran problem-solvers.

Giving back,
to the future.

Strangeworks was built to facilitate the world’s access to quantum computing. We know that there’s more to the future of technology than the role we play in it. Any of us, in fact. But we know that our bigger mission is making the world better, one qubit at a time. It is our hope to embolden causes we believe will further this mission, and trust that those we enable will continue paying it forward with newfound education, knowledge, or access. Whether through support of open source efforts or our work with specific organizations like the IEEE and CERN, we will always seek new avenues to invest in good.

Quantum should be used for
good, not evil.

Quantum computing will unlock incredible advances in some of the most important areas of innovation. We will accelerate its arrival and make its usage approachable to everyone. But a fear to engage with quantum is not the only obstacle we hope to tackle. It is our belief that quantum computing will supercharge all industries, offering all-new ways to solve problems and generate new ways to frame familiar situations. We aim to advocate for knowledge and its progress, and we believe that when the world’s efforts are combined, quantum will truly change things for the better.

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