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June 17th, 2021

Data Analytica partners with Strangeworks to deliver customer training and results

Data Analytica has partnered with Strangeworks Inc. to deliver value to their customers through expert consulting and training via the Strangeworks quantum ecosystem.

Data Analytica + Strangeworks

Data Analytica provides quantum consulting and training services in AI and data analytics which integrate with customers’ quantum, traditional, and hybrid computing environments based on sound business, science, and software engineering principles. In addition to customer insights, Data Analytica conducts research to provide feedback to improve quantum systems. By joining the Strangeworks QS™ (Quantum Syndicate), Data Analytica expands its cloud access to quantum hardware in order to meet growing customer needs.

“We are super excited to team up with the experts at Strangeworks. Utilizing the Strangeworks platform for our research, consulting, and training purposes provides us with a streamlined ecosystem that saves us time, money, and simplifies communication with our clients. The integration of the various solutions provided by Strangeworks further allows us to benchmark and cross-compare various quantum computing offerings.” - said Dominique Heger, CTO of Data Analytica

“We’re excited to bring Data Analytica’s quantum AI and classical AI data analytics services to the Strangeworks ecosystem,” - said whurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks “Adding Data Analytica to our Quantum Syndicate provides our quantum computing customers and community at large with an experienced team of consultants available to help them reach their quantum ambitions”.

By utilizing the Strangeworks QC™ (Quantum Computing) ecosystem, their customers have access to a unique platform for learning quantum computing and utilizing the complex solutions developed by Data Analytica.

About Strangeworks
Strangeworks is a technology company based in Austin, Texas, USA. As a Quantum Service Provider™, Strangeworks’s mission is to enable its users to quickly and seamlessly harness the power of quantum computing by connecting to new technologies and expanding their existing ecosystems. Strangeworks accomplishes this by establishing connections between software and hardware thus enabling quantum developers. Strangeworks supports the community by offering Strangeworks QC, a free quantum computing ecosystem that enables researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to quickly learn, develop and manipulate real quantum code. With Strangeworks QC, users can easily create, organize, and collaborate on quantum computing projects, and access libraries of code, frameworks, and languages.

About Data Analytica
Based in Austin, Texas, Data Analytica has its roots in IBM, CERN, and MIT. They are a small team of experienced researchers focusing on quantum mechanics and quantum computing related research. With their research partners in Europe and the US, they are working on projects such as quantum AI, quantum robotics, quantum high energy physics, or quantum simulations on HPC clusters. Data Analytica also provides quantum consulting and quantum training for corporations and universities.

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