Quantum computing applications creep forward

06/14/2018 | TechTarget | Jack Vaughan

Tech vendors and users are moving forward on quantum computing tools and research. While still futuristic, developments bear watching, Forrester's Brian Hopkins says.

Austin-based Strangeworks announced today that it has raised $4 million in venture capital as it seeks to make the potential of quantum computing more accessible to a wider range of developers.

There’s no doubt that one of the most important things happening in the world of tech right now is quantum computing. It’s also one of the least understood aspects of modern computing. It sounds complicated and boring, and it lacks consumer-facing applications that could make quantum computing popular with regular people. But the technology is evolving at a fast pace, and IBM, one of the pioneers in the business, might fix that.

In this video from SXSW 2018, William Hurley from Strangeworks presents: The Endless Impossibilities of Quantum Computing.

Austin tech wizard and Honest Dollar founder William Hurley — aka Whurley — is lowering the veil on his latest startup: a bet on the much-ballyhooed quantum computing revolution. He already has $4 million in seed funding in the bank.

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