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Strangeworks is building the software to make quantum computing accessible.

Quantum computing is not the latest advancement or optimization of classical computing. It represents an entirely new class of machines that go beyond the laws of classical physics. We are at the beginning of a new era in computing.

The hardware is progressing. The software that makes these machines accessible has not kept pace. Quantum computing needs accessibility and collaboration to advance. We are creating an environment where everyone has access to quantum computing because discovery can come from anywhere.

Quantum computing is a journey into the unknown, but software is not. We are software developers who are passionate about the future frontiers of computing. We will not build the quantum hardware that changes the world, but our software will ensure that people can use it.

The mission at Strangeworks is to accelerate the advancement of quantum computing by democratizing access to hardware creating an open environment to drive collaboration. Our goal is to be a catalyst for quantum computing.

Our first product, the Strangeworks Quantum Community Platform, is a hardware-agnostic, software inclusive, collaborative, flexible developer environment that brings together the latest advancements, frameworks, and tools all in one place and accessible to anyone. We invite you to join us today at

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