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Best for individual developers or researchers.
  • Secure infrastructure and data storage
  • Continual support for all major quantum SDKs & frameworks
  • Quantum & classical hardware access*
  • Simulator access*
  • Ability to create multiple workspaces
  • Access to third-party applications and software resources
  • Compatibility with existing workflows, languages & environments
  • Access to Strangeworks Managed Applications
  • First-class data visualizations
  • Exportable visual outputs
  • Structured, uniform and organized output data
*Hardware costs separate, priced by provider.
*Third-party licenses or fees separate, priced by provider.
Best for businesses with multiple users and resource management needs.
Includes all developer plan features plus:
  • Admin tools to manage teams & permissions
  • Manage billing & spending limits for users & workspaces
  • Ability to customize hardware & software access for users & workspaces
  • First-tier support with asynchronous chat
  • Access to Quantum Syndicate members & products
  • Co-branded workspace environment
  • Potential custom development options for integrations & deployment
*Hardware costs separate, priced by provider.
*Third-party licenses or fees separate, priced by provider.
Best for consultations and team training.
Guided Engagement: Proof of Concept
Requires Enterprise license
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Expert guidance for use case identification, benchmarking, and application development.
Quantum Computing Education & Training Packages
Discover key concepts and terms, the quantum landscape, why it matters for your business, and trends to follow.
Quantum Strategic Assessment PackagesExplore business problems to identify opportunities for quantum or quantum-inspired applications and specific areas for exploration.
Quantum-Secure Communications & Cybersecurity EducationLearn about quantum cybersecurity with a Quantum Syndicate partner company connection. Covers post-quantum cryptography, quantum keys, and more.
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