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Accelerate critical discoveries today while preparing for tomorrow with the most complete quantum ecosystem available.

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How Strange Works

Access resources.

Welcome to the largest catalog of quantum and quantum inspired solutions. 🚀
Compute Providers
Apply advanced compute

resources to the problems you’re already working on, with one-click activation for most providers.

Managed Applications
Eliminate guesswork

with fully managed services and logical data formats. Need more? We can help you with custom apps.

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Strangeworks API
Integrate workflows.
Bring quantum into your existing workflows and applications more easily. 🍭
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Download the fully documented SDK
Use the frameworks you already know
Work in the environments of your choice
Measure results.
Visualize your output and apply your data to the problems you’re solving. 🏆
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Uniform structured output data
Beautiful exportable visualizations
Securely stored in your workspace
Manage everything.
Control your quantum resources, spend, usage, and teams, all together. 🪣
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Billing and budgeting
Resource deployment
User and team management
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Featuring Features
Strangely complete. 🎨
  • Quantum hardware and simulator access
  • Quantum inspired processor access
  • Managed application marketplace access
  • Intuitive consolidation of jobs and outputs
  • Integration into existing workflows
  • Highest performance integrations with hardware
  • Pay for what you use, zero markup on compute
  • Support for major quantum SDKs
  • Huge catalog of leading compute resources
  • Growing catalog of applications to make your work easier
  • Standardized application interfaces
  • Quantum circuit visualization and export
  • Exportable visualizations and data outputs
  • Organize and manage your teams and permissions
  • Manage your resource credits & subscriptions
  • First tier support with 24Hr SLA and asynchronous chat
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