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The Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate

Join the Syndicate and shape the future of quantum tech. Integrate hardware, software and upskill the next generation, all while accessing a network of like-minded innovators.

Why partner with us

Shared success. 🍾

Join forces with Strangeworks to help shape quantum tech with customer and partner insights that drive effective product deliveries and a thriving quantum ecosystem.
Uncover hidden gems
We connect customers with partners everyday. Reach Strangeworks customers looking for services to enable their quantum journey.
Juice that’s worth the squeeze
Make your products available side-by-side on the Strangeworks  ecosystem to enable a technical user base.
Hit the mark
We offer simplified contracting, customer integrations, and billing so you can free up resources for your core competencies.
Amplify your understandings
In order to improve both Strangeworks and partner services, we strive to understand our users' experiences and share those with our partners.
Create a buzz
Joint offerings and collaborative go-to-market campaigns to help boost awareness, usage, and feedback.
A network of support
Give back to the quantum community by making your ideas available for others to use.
Who partners with us
Get in the game. 👾
Join the Quantum Syndicate to showcase your quantum products to developers. Get bespoke access through Backstage Pass or enable developers to access your products easily with Strangeworks. Scale your solutions.
Types of partners
  • Quantum Hardware Providers
  • Q-Inspired Hardware Providers
  • Software Developers
  • Classical Hardware Providers
  • Educators
  • Consultants
Quotation mark
The unified framework provided here is an indispensable platform for anyone working in, or interested in the field of quantum-computing. It is wonderful to see so many quantum-computing technologies, of all kinds, available in one place.”

Professor Hidetoshi Nishimori
Professor at the Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Quantum Computing is here, but exploiting its advantages requires rare know-how and lots of capital. Strangeworks democratizes quantum computing by opening proprietary platforms to consumption-based usage, this is how large tech markets are unleashed.”

ray lane
Managing Partner of GreatPoint Ventures
Quotation mark
Strangeworks has created a bustling independent community for enthusiast, developers, and enterprises who want to deploy quantum hardware and software technologies. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of their platform and to integrate Deltaflow in this amazing infrastructure, giving everyone the option to look deep into the control systems of quantum computers.”

Dr. Steve Brierley
CEO of Riverlane
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To truly progress quantum computing, millions of developers will need to understand and practice coding with quantum information. Strangeworks' focus on bringing a beautiful experience to the next generation of quantum coders does a service to our entire industry and might just help find some new answers to the question "what can you do with a quantum computer?”

Andrew Fursman
Founder and CEO of 1Qbit
Quotation mark
Strangeworks is a great partner to further advance the quantum ecosystem and we are excited about the collaboration between our two organizations.”

Andreas Liebing
Consortium Lead PlanQK & CEO StoneOne AG
Where do you fit?
A match made in quantum. ❤️
Hardware Partners
Reach a community of developers and researchers that use Strangeworks.
Software Partners
Have the killer app? Connect your solution to hardware and make it available to everyone.
Education Partners
Strangeworks supports further education in the quantum computing community.
Government Partners
Partner with global organizations to deliver on government programs.
Don’t fit any of these?
Tell us what you’re up to. We’re always looking for new friends to collaborate with!
Contact us
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The Quantum Syndicate
Moving mountains, together. 🏔️
Together, we can create a better quantum future for everyone. Join our strange syndicate and start reaping the benefits today.
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