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The Quantum Quickstart Program™

For enterprises looking to easily and affordably get started in quantum, with training from NC State and compute access from Strangeworks.

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The Quantum Quickstart Program turns early bird ambition into strategic foresight. Dive into quantum with us, where use cases, expertise, and hybrid workflows springboard to industry leadership.
Competitive edge
Recognizing that even slight enhancements in solving business challenges can yield substantial returns.
Time to market
Quickly identifying and exploring the problems best suited that quantum could solve more efficiently.
Develop talent & expertise
Investing in quantum training today is key to ensuring a workforce that can utilize quantum as it advances.
Quantum-ready workflows
Transforming workflows ensures plug-and-play readiness for the latest quantum developments.
Tech & ecosystem progress
Understanding when and how quantum advancements impact operations by monitoring the landscape.
Partnerships for success
Join the experts at NC State and Strangeworks to develop and implement your quantum computing roadmap.

Innovate, affordably. 🍾

The Quantum Quickstart Program caters to enterprise organizations seeking a seamless and cost-effective entry into quantum computing. Benefit from NC State's tailored education, training materials, and access to Strangeworks' advanced compute platform.

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About NC State University

In 2018, NC State became the first IBM Quantum Innovation Center at a university in North America. As a leader in quantum, NC State has been providing training in quantum computing to industry for the last 5 years. The Quantum Initiative at NC State brings together quantum engineering and science education, research, development and implementation. The Quantum Initiative goes beyond educating NC State students on quantum computing, quantum materials, and quantum networking solutions, by also serving industry, government, and other academic institutions.

About Strangeworks

Founded in 2017, Strangeworks removes the barriers to entering quantum, so you can focus on building value for your organizations. By providing the most complete quantum ecosystem available, the Strangeworks platform provides access to three types of advanced compute: classical, quantum-inspired, and quantum computing. With a growing catalog of applications that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, and business management tools make it easy to manage teams, billing, and compute resources, Strangeworks makes it simple to go from onboarding to execution.

Together with NC State and Strangeworks, we can help your team discover new technologies and understand how to apply them to your novel problems.