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January 27, 2022

Strangeworks and Entangled Networks Announce Partnership to Enable Future Multi-QPU Computers

Entangled Networks to launch MultiQopt compiler for multi-QPU systems via the Strangeworks ecosystem.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 27, 2022 - Strangeworks, a global leader in quantum computing software, today announced its latest to joint-collaboration with Entangled Networks, a quantum computing startup developing complete hardware and software solutions to enable multi-quantum processor (QPU) computation. In joining the Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate™, Entangled Networks will be collaborating with Strangeworks to bring their multi-QPU compiler to market via the Strangeworks ecosystem.


The gist of it

Modular (multi-QPU) architectures offer a promising way to scale quantum computers and appear on most quantum hardware companies’ roadmaps. The difficulty in increasing the size of quantum processors while maintaining high quality qubits leads to the desire for modular architectures. Entangled Network’s first product, MultiQopt, provides best-in-class quantum circuit optimization for modular system architectures such as those in development by Rigetti, and IonQ.

“It is absolutely amazing to partner with a team that shares our vision of a strong and collaborative quantum community,” said Aharon Brodutch, CEO of Entangled Networks. “There is no doubt that joining the Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate will enable us to reach a wide community of quantum developers who can use our software to optimize programs running on near-term hardware and enable them to plan for a future where all hardware is built on multi-QPU architectures.”

As the world’s leading Quantum Service Provider™, Strangeworks is committed to providing the latest in hardware and software capabilities to its users through their quantum-enabled platform as a service (PaaS). MultiQopt will be available in a future Backstage Pass ticket on the Strangeworks platform for select users to prepare their quantum code for future advancements in quantum processing units.

“Strangeworks’s vision has always been centered around empowering the quantum computing users of tomorrow,” said William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “Entangled Networks's foresight and technical expertise has allowed them to capitalize on the future architecture of quantum computers. We look forward to making MultiQopt available on the Strangeworks Ecosystem, and giving our users the tools to be able to take advantage of modular QPUs in the near-term future.”

Stay tuned for a future announcement regarding the availability of the Entangled Networks Backstage Pass ticket in mid 2022. For additional information on the Backstage Pass program, see the frequently asked questions here.



About Strangeworks
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Strangeworks is a group of experienced serial entrepreneurs, enterprise software developers, and quantum physicists who seek to humanize quantum computing and make it accessible to everyone. By guiding companies through the confusion of quantum computing, Strangeworks helps accelerate the integration of this new technology in corporations, universities, and enterprises.

To learn more about how Strangeworks can accelerate your quantum journey visit or start learning for free on Strangeworks QC™, available at

About Entangled Networks
Entangled Networks (EN) develops an optical quantum interconnect fabric, and supporting software stack to enable, manage and optimize multi-QPU computation. Based in Toronto, Canada, EN is led by a team of quantum physicists with a vision to build a long-term solution for scaling quantum computers. By working on the complete quantum computing stack, EN offers solutions that optimize performance on any architecture.