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November 15, 2023

NC State Quantum Initiative and Strangeworks Launch Quantum Quickstart Program for Enterprise

New offering provides affordable access to the tools and training needed to get started applying quantum technologies to business problems.

AUSTIN, Texas, November 15, 2023 - Strangeworks Inc. and NC State’s Quantum Initiative recently launched a joint offering to provide access to quantum computing resources and training. The Quantum Quickstart Program by NC State and Strangeworks is designed for enterprise organizations looking to easily and affordably get started with quantum computing.


The gist of it

The Quantum Quickstart Program couples education and training materials designed by NC State with access to the Strangeworks advanced compute platform, featuring the largest collection of quantum computing and quantum-inspired resources.

“Combining our deep bench of expertise in creating courses in quantum computing with Strangeworks’s broad set of quantum strategy sessions, tools and technologies provides industry with the easiest entry point for developing quantum solutions and a future-ready workforce,” says Dan Stancil, executive director of the IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC State.

The NC State Quantum Initiative goes beyond educating NC State students on quantum computing, quantum materials, and quantum networking solutions, by also serving industry, government, and other academic institutions. As a leader in quantum, NC State has been providing training in quantum computing to industry since 2018, when it became the first IBM Quantum Innovation Center at a university in North America.

With the new joint offering, companies interested in exploring quantum solutions for business will enjoy access to training, expertise, technology and tools at a lower cost than NC State’s current quantum offering geared towards more advanced quantum users. The Quantum Quickstart program averages $35,000 annually, including hardware credits for use on IBM quantum computers and other quantum and quantum-inspired devices. If an organization decides to join the IBM Quantum Innovation Center at NC State after participating in the Quantum Quickstart Program, the full cost of the program will be credited toward their first year of IBM Quantum Center membership.

According to the second annual Enterprise Quantum Adoption Report by Zapata/AI, 74% of global enterprises surveyed have quantum adoption plans, and 71% of quantum adoption budgets are over $1M annually in 2022 — up from only 28% in 2021.

“Strangeworks’ partnership with NC State puts a spotlight on the quantum path for enterprise, empowering the university, its partners and customers to take the leap into quantum computing today,” said William “whurley” Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “Together with NC State, we’re making quantum accessible, tangible and transformative for everyone.”

To learn more about the Quantum Quickstart Program for Enterprise, visit our quickstart page.


Additional Information

About Strangeworks

Based in Austin, Texas, Strangeworks removes the barriers to quantum, so you can turn what if into what is, with the most complete quantum ecosystem available. Move every bold idea forward faster with all the quantum and quantum-inspired solutions, all in one place. Stretch your budgets further with scalable utility pricing and flexible spending management. Unlock business value today, and prepare for quantum advantage tomorrow.

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About NC State Quantum Initiative

The Quantum Initiative at NC State brings together quantum engineering and science education, research, development and implementation. We work directly with our industry and academic members to advance quantum information science and engineering, as well as interdisciplinary applied research, student development and quantum curricula at NC State. Together we are working to bring quantum science and engineering to bear on real-world problems.

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